Increase conversion with shop quizzes

Browsing a webshop can feel like searching through a massive warehouse. It’s time to change that and help your customer find the product they need, faster and easier.
Personalised Results
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Benefits of Lantern

Boost Revenue

Enhance online conversions by offering tailored online experiences to your visitors.

Decrease returns

Guide your customers seamlessly to the products they truly desire with strategic questions.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Create a luxurious personal shopping atmosphere to significantly elevate customer satisfaction.

The leading guided selling solution for ambitious eCommerce brands

Guided selling is the process of helping your customers find the products they need through a series of questions.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

With Guided Selling you can change your eCommerce space from a searching experience to a helpful, personalized, and conversational experience.


Engaging Quiz Mechanism

Enhance the shopping journey with interactive product discovery quizzes that cater to specific customer needs.

Dynamic Personalization

Utilize either manual or AI-driven quizzes, ensuring a tailored shopping experience in record time.

Data-Driven Recommendations

Boost conversions by steering customers towards products based on their real-time responses, marrying personalization with precision.

Seamless Email Integrations

Expand your reach by connecting with platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, enhancing your marketing strategies.

Quick Quiz Creation

Experience the magic of AI, crafting personalized quizzes for your audience in mere moments.

Transformative Shopping Experience

Move beyond the regular search, offering a human touch in product discovery and elevating customer satisfaction.

Broad Publishing Options

Display your quiz seamlessly, be it as a stand-alone page, embedded content, or a pop-up – the choice is yours.

Intelligent Analytics

Dive deep into the performance metrics with robust insights, pinpointing the successes and areas of improvement for your quizzes.

Code-Free Setup

Enjoy a hassle-free experience, from inception to launch, with zero need for any coding expertise.

Take the lead and win the next decade of eCommerce

Lantern is a Shopify plugin that helps you guide your customers into finding the perfect product match for them to increase conversion while lowering overall returns to boost customer satisfaction.