From the starters to the established

We believe businesses of any size should have access to the best products, that’s why we've priced our plans to be accessible for all!



Unlimited quiz flows

Basic question types (single choice)

Revenue tracking

Result matching

Export leads




Includes 100 quiz completions per month
$29.99 for 500 completions per month
$39.99 for 1000 completions per month
$49.99 for unlimited per month

Email sending (Send customizable results emails to customers directly in app)

Optional Klaviyo & Mailchimp integrations

CSS design personalization

Advanced logic jumps

Custom quiz placement (in-page placement)

Review integrations

Advanced question types (multi-choice)

Export quiz answers

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Intuitive flow builder

Easily create intuitive flows, with a drag and drop system all from the comfort of your Shopify dashboard.

Add to cart directly from results

It’s not only easier to find products but customers can also add the recommended products directly to their cart.

Unlimited flows and questions

With the Perfect Product Finder you can create an unlimited amount of flows and questions no matter your plan.

Email capture field

Capture zero-party data with the email capture function that you can enable in every flow.

Smart results page

Product recommondations are labeled by how closely they match to the customers preferences.

Detailed revenue insights

Smart revenue insights and analytics give you a clear overview of the succes and misteps of your flows.

Discount code integration

Make your flows even more enticing for your customers by integration discounts.

Klaviyo integration

With the Klaviyo integration you can easily create custom email automations based customer responses.

No developers needed

From start to finish there is no code involved with setting up your guided selling flows.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try out the Perfect Product Finder for free?
Yes, we have a free $0/month 'Basic' plan. Additionally, you can try a free 14 day free trial on the 'Growth' plan. After 14 days, you will automatically be charged each month.
Which pricing tier fits best for my needs?
To unlock Perfect Product Finder's full potential, we recommend trying the 'Growth' plan. It is available to try for free for the first 14 days to give you the time needed to evaluate if it fits your needs.
What counts as a completion?
While some other apps might count people that only opened the quiz flow, we don’t think that is fair. With the Perfect Product Finder, a completion is when someone has finished the quiz and lands on the results page.
The Perfect Product Finder is a Shopify plugin that helps you guide your customers into finding the perfect product match for them to increase conversion while lowering overall returns to boost customer satisfaction.